73x60 pastel

73×60 pastel


62 thoughts on “Home

  1. I would like to purchase some of your paintings. But I don’t how. Please guid me if you don’t mind. I love your paintings. Outstanding!
    Thank you.

    • I live in WI in the US and I bought 2 canvas prints last year in the fall. It was very easy. You just have to go to your bank and wire transfer the funds to Vincente’s bank account. There probably is a fee from your bank, but it is well worth it. His price includes freight too. I spent quite a bit on frames from a local gallery, but his paintings deserve the best. Vincente has a picture of each if he wanted to share them with you.

    • If you want,you also can fly to Spain to pose for yourself.it is more expensive because u need pay fly tickets,but is more nice that your home have your portrait from a pastel master.

  2. would you allow me to include one of your paintings in a book i have written. it is of a girl beside the ocean. I do not know its name but could send you a photo. the book is called KISSING THE JOY AS IT FLIES and contains extracts from 3,500 letters between my partner and myself over thirty years.

    • Vicente is a good friend,and a good teacher,I know him very well,I am sure you can use his picture for your book. ,but before this,you need let him know,give a message or comment on his FBpage.

  3. Your paintings are spectacular : composition, colours, mood… and beautiful women.

    Someone on Youtube used your paintings on a slideshow in a Angelo Branduardi song that I knew in French, but wanted to hear in Italian… I loved them, really. He gave credits, so I came to your site, and was not disappointed.

    I am a photographer because I can’t paint or draw females – I draw nice cartoon characters though. I made digital paintings from my photos, that you can find on my site, but how I would have enjoyed, like you, to paint them instead of working with a computer !

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