About me

    Spanish painter born in Madrid in 1.956. The Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid saw Vicente Romero obtain his degre in sculpture in 1.982. He owes his technique in oil painting to his academic training, although he has increasingly explored pastel, which he finds more direct, more spontaneous, and as he quotes provides the opportunity for “unrivalled delicacy”. Later, however, he is returning to use also the oil in his work, thus producing a mutually enriching dialogue between the two techniques. He has been living on the Costa Brava since 1987, choosing a luminous and peaceful setting on the Mediterranean for his studio. It is certainly this luminosity that prevails in his art.

  • Some of his most recent solo exhibitions:

2002 Castelló 120. Madrid

2003 Pizarro. Valencia

2005 Echeberría. San Sebastián

2005 Fons d’Art. Olot

2006 Benedito. Málaga

2008 Benedito. Málaga

2008 Petleys. Londres

2009 Foz. Sitges

2009 Castell de Benedormiens. Platja d’Aro (retrospective)

2009 Benedito. Málaga

2010 Petleys. Londres

2011 Pizarro. Valencia

2012 Benedito. Málaga

2012 Estivales Internationales du pastel à Saint-Florent-le-Vieil. Guest of honour. 

2012 Salon International du pastel en Périgord. Guest of honour. 

2014 Benedito. Málaga

2015 Ming Gallery, Suzhou. China

2016 A. C. Art Museum Hotel, Beijing. China

  • Also the following galleries hold permanent displays of his art:

The Little Gallery. Saint-Émilion

Puerta de Alcalá. Madrid

Art Catto. Loulé

Bob’s Art Gallery. Copenhagen

  • Art Managers: 

Robert Bane Fine Arts in California

Ming Gallery, Suzhou. China


103 thoughts on “About me

  1. Spot sur avec cette écriture, je crois absolument que ce site a besoin de beaucoup plus d’attention.
    Je reviendrai probablement pour en lire plus, merci pour l’information!

    • Y cada palabra se inicia, se desplaza desprendiéndose de su crisálida camino de la libertad soñada del Vivir.

      • La palabra, nuestra palabra se desprende de su creador para tomar su propia personalidad y nos sobrevive.

  2. ¡ Las pinceladas de amor nunca deben faltar deberían ser eternas incluso en la distancia!

    Esas pinceladas agitan al corazón inconmensurablemente.

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